Who we are

Tammy Donovan, intern counsellor

Tammy is currently providing low-cost counselling services in East Van, at the affordable fee of $40 per session.

Tammy is passionate about taking the shame out of feeling stuck. She makes mental health easy to understand. She helps people learn what they need to know in order to move forward in life. Recognizing that each person has different priorities, values different things, and learns in different ways, Tammy’s goal as a counsellor is to help people build on their strengths and discover skills, strategies, and solutions that work well for them.

With her encouraging, thoughtful, and open-minded approach, Tammy walks alongside her clients as they learn and practice new skills. She assists people in getting their bearings in times of crisis, mapping out options for increased well-being, setting goals, and maximizing support systems.

Tammy is currently completing her Masters of Counselling. She specializes in concerns regarding careers, life transitions, grief and loss, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and addictions.

To contact Tammy and book an intake session please fill in the contact form in the sidebar or bottom of this web page. Tammy looks forward to welcoming you to Ciel Community Counselling.

Madelaine Arshak, intern counsellor

Madelaine is currently providing low-cost counselling services in East Van, at the affordable fee of $40 per session.

Madelaine’s humanistic-transpersonal approach, with emphasis  on wholeness and integration, assists clients in connecting with themselves and with others in healthy, positive ways. Madelaine creates a space for her clients that allows safety and healing. Each counselling session is approached with open-mindedness, respect, innocence, and wonder.

Some of the methods Madelaine uses in session include:

  • Development of imagination and intuition
  • Goal setting
  • Body awareness and movement
  • Assertiveness training
  • Inner child healing
  • Symbolic artwork
  • Dreamwork
  • Guided visualization
  • Gestalt experimentation
  • Journal writing

To request more information about Madelaine’s services, and to book a low-cost intake session with Madelaine, please fill in the contact form in the sidebar or bottom of this web page. Madelaine looks forward to welcoming you to Ciel Community Counselling.

Carmen Ostrander, art and narrative therapist
Carmen is an Australian Expressive Arts Therapist, facilitator and graduate of Narrative Therapy & Community Work. Carmen brings long history of engagement in the arts and community cultural development to bear in her counselling work, in conjunction with a commitment to practices which support social justice and preferred ways of being. You’ll currently find her in private practice, on the counselling team at Qmunity, supporting Ciel’s intern counsellors, and behind the scenes at one of Vancouver’s oldest artist run collectives, Gallery Gachet.
Ishtar Beck, registered clinical counsellor 

Ishtar is an East Van resident, mama, dancer, author, speaker, and practitioner of brief counselling as well as depth psychotherapy. In counselling she assists people in actively creating conditions so they may come to feel more at home in their lives and relationships. Ishtar’s holistic approach and quirky sense of humour inform both her professional and personal life. Offering individuals, couples, families, and groups a safe space for self-reflection, empowerment, meaning-making, and healing has been her calling for the past fifteen years.  Part of her counselling practice is dedicated to supporting Ciel’s intern counsellors.

Elizabeth de Balasi, registered clinical counsellor

A long-standing inclination to question dominant ideas and resist unjust social norms has led Elizabeth to the practice of collaborative counselling. Parenting has taught her about listening at the deepest and most subtle levels. Working in collaboration with clients Elizabeth strives to create a safe, non-judgmental space that invites reflection on strengths, challenges, barriers, and ways of healing. Elizabeth is trained in a range of collaborative approaches and dedicates part of her practice to supporting Ciel’s intern counsellors.


We have teamed up to create a counselling collaborative dedicated to providing low-cost services in East Van. To book a low-cost counselling session and to inquire about Ciel’s services, please fill out the contact form on this page or email cielcommunitycounselling@gmail.com.